About Us


With #technology advancing our chairs meet comfort #ergonomically through back support and #healthy seating

MIBM was etablished in 1977 as a trading house representing the local as well as international brands of office products.It was then incorporated in 1980 and continued to grow steadily.Currently it focuses mainly on three divisions namely Office Furniture, Office Equipment and automation. MIBM Limited manufactures wooden and metallic office /institutional furniture under the registered BEYOND 2000 trademark. We also import high quality office furniture and assemble them as finished products. Our products are designed to fit and meet customer's choice and reliability. With technology advancing, our chairs meet comfort ergonomically through back support and healthy seating.


To be the best furniture manufacturers in Kenya of desking, chairs and cabinets designed with the best functionality, quality and affordable pricing.

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive supply solutions of high quality products to our customers competitively and strive to become market leaders of good service

History and Market Presence

Beyond 2000 operates as a registered trademark under MIBM for manufacture of wooden and metallic office /institutional furniture.We are in a position to offer you quality products which will give you comfort through our expertise, many years of experience and professionalism that goes into designing your space or an office thats needs to be furnished. We supply office furniture and Equipment in kenya and within East Africa.

Core Values

  • Reliability to our customers.
  • Consistent in our business.
  • Offer comprehensive and high quality office solutions to our customers.
  • Showing compassion to our employees
  • Treating everyone with respect and dignity